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Part - 1
Part - 2 Modes of Winding up
Part - 3 Voluntary Winding Up
Part - 4 Winding up by the Tribunal
Part - 5 Provisions applicable to every mode of winding up
Part - 6 Proceedings and procedures general
Part - 7 Petition for winding up, provisional liquidator, winding up order, and statement of affairs
Part - 8 Settlement of list of creditors
Part - 9 Meeting of creditors or partners in a winding up by tribunal and of creditors in a voluntary winding up
Part - 10 Proxies in relation to meetings in winding-up by tribunal and to meetings of creditors in a voluntary winding-up
Part - 11 Attendance and appearance of creditors and partners
Part - 12 Collection and distribution of assets in a winding-up by tribunal
Part - 13 Monies due from partners in a winding up by the tribunal including outstanding contribution, etc.
Part - 14 Examination of person suspected of having property of LLP etc. and examination of partners, designated partners, officers etc. in connection with the fraud etc.
Part - 15 Application against delinquent partners, designated partners and officers of the LLP
Part - 16 Compromise or abandonment of claims
Part - 17 Sales by the liquidators
Part - 18 Distributable sum and returns of assets in a winding up by a tribunal
Part - 19 Termination of winding up
Part - 20 Registers and books of account of the liquidator
Part - 21 Banking account of the liquidator
Part - 22 Investment of surplus funds
Part - 23 Filing, audit and inspection of the liquidator's account
Part - 24 Voluntary winding up and winding up subject to supervision
Part - 25 LLP liquidator in voluntary winding-up
Part - 26 Payment of unclaimed distributable sums and undistributed assets into the LLPs liquidation account in a winding up
Part - 27 Cost including expenses, charges or fees
Part - 28 Miscellaneous